Wellness Set | Bundle
Wellness Set | Bundle
Wellness Set | Bundle
Wellness Set | Bundle
Wellness Set | Bundle
Wellness Set | Bundle
Wellness Set | Bundle
Wellness Set | Bundle
Wellness Set | Bundle
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Wellness Set | Bundle

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Gift yourself the perfect relaxation experience with our Wellness Set Bundle. Each kit includes bath bombs, a callus remover, a body cleansing brush, and all you need to unwind and pamper yourself. Enjoy a luxurious spa experience from the comfort of home!

Body Brush

The Cleansing & Exfoliating Body Brush provides a thorough body cleanse. This newly designed all in 1 brush was created to easily cleanse and exfoliate your body in a whole new way. This brush is waterproof and cordless, making it ideal to be used in the shower or bath. Designed for all skin types – including sensitive skin - the set includes 4 brush head attachments that cleanse and exfoliate your skin by removing dry dead skin cells with your choice of body washes. It also provides your skin with an invigorating and refreshing massage. This device also includes a long handle, for those hard-to-reach areas, like your back. The handle can easily be removed, which also makes the brush ideal for travelling. The battery lasts for approximately 60 minutes, an USB charging cable is included. Choose from 3-speed levels to maximize your in-shower comfort and cleansing results. 


CLEANSE &EXFOLIATE SKIN - The body brush could deeply clean and exfoliate the skin, remove dirt from pores, and promote healthy and youthful skin.

REMOVABLE HANDLE - The long handle could be easily separated with the brush head. You can cleanse your face without a handle, or cleanse your body with the handle attached- especially those parts which is difficult to reach with only hands

3 SPEED SETTINGS & 4 DETACHABLE BRUSH HEADS - With 3-speed Settings and 4 detachable brush heads, the electric shower brush has multiple functions to meet your face and body cleaning needs for optimal cleaning results.

WIRELESS & WATERPROOF - The wireless and waterproof design allows you not to worry about the brush not working or falling off during the shower. The body brush is powered by convenient USB charging and lasts for about 120 minutes to provide a spa-like massage experience.

SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF SKIN - The soft brushes gently clean the skin without damaging it. It is suitable for all skin types: normal, dry, oily, and sensitive.

Bath Bombs

Relax and soak away your worries in a calming pool of swirling colors & essential oils. Soothe your stressed body and mind as the bath bomb slowly fizzes away in the tub, releasing bursts of uplifting fragrance while conditioning skin with shea butter. So, sit back, soak, relax, & unwind. 


Sweet Rose - Soft & Sweet floral aroma 

Relaxing Lavender - Lavender bedtime soother

Warm Vanilla - Soft & sweet Warm vanilla 

Fresh Coconut - Tropical Refreshing & oceanic bathing

Luxurious Lilac - Float in heavenly florals

Calming Chamomile - Comforting Chamomile 

Wild Jasmine - Aphrodisiac jasmine soak

Sea Salt Breeze - Refreshing, oceanic bathing

Callus Remover

Clear away stubborn calluses with the easy-to-use Callus Remover. This callus remover is an innovative device that uses a sturdy mineral roller to gently buff away dry, rough, and callused skin on your feet. Vibrating at 2,500 revolutions per minute, the unique rollers spin 360 degrees, at an amazing 40 times a second, and are completely waterproof. You can use it while showering or bathing leaving you with soft, beautiful feet.


Includes 2 grinding heads

Slim easy grip handle – comfortable to hold and maneuver

Safe to use– no sharp blades to worry about

Helps remove hard skin, dead skin on corns and calluses

Rejuvenates, refreshes, and soften your feet

The roller head is detachable and waterproof

Low maintenance cleaning

Lightweight and portable, ideal for travel

2x AA Batteries Required * Not Included

Material: ABS plastic and electronic components

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