"NEW" Turquoise Easy Comb
"NEW" Turquoise Easy Comb
"NEW" Turquoise Easy Comb
"NEW" Turquoise Easy Comb
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"NEW" Turquoise Easy Comb

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Our Easy Comb was designed to make styling your hair with a flat iron easier and safer. The unique shape keeps your hands away from the hot plates, helping to prevent burns. It also allows for perfect sectioning of the hair for precision styling.  


  • Allows you to perfectly hold your hair so the flat iron can glide through. 
  • The styling comb protects your hands from singeing.  
  • The comb firmly holds hair in place as you go over it with a flat iron while keeping your hands away from the hot plates 
  • Adds tension to help straighten highly textured hair. 
  • This V shaped comb is just the tool you need to prep hair before straightening.  
  • The comb glides through hair leaving it tangle-free so the flat iron can move effortlessly. 
  • Great for use with any flat iron. 
  • Helps to prevent static & frizz 
  • The straightening comb leaves your hair sleek & smooth.  
  • Heat resistant up to 500 degrees 
  • Ergonomic handle allows for comfort and control 


    Hold sectioned hair in place with the Easy Comb and slowly glide it along with a flat iron down length of your hair from the roots to the ends. For best results, hold hair as firm as possible while gliding. 

    Kashmira Tips 

    For Volume: Pick up the hair and blow it with hot air from the hair dryer. Swing the comb back and forth to get the best results  

    Blow Dry It Straight: Use the hot air of the hair dryer to hold the hair while blowing it down. Repeat several times for better results.  

    Flips or Waves:  Clip it with the easy comb. Rolling in and hot air from your dryer should do the trick.  At the same time, you want to make a unique waves, just adjust your angels

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